Release Day Madness

So this morning on my release day I am a little nuts. I didn’t sleep great because Harper woke up and then I woke up and couldn’t go back for some reason.

Case in point, I made my shake and put in protein powder, bananas and some other things. I then took a banana covered in protein powder out of my shake and wondered how the hell a marshmallow got in it. I had thrown it away before I realized it was a banana.

Release day is always kind of a whatever day for me. I have friends who sell hundreds on release day and I’m over here aiming for three or four sales.

I have next to no budget so I am running an Amazon ad, bought a cheap Twitter promotion, and am posting in groups. I sent it to my newsletter with the caveat that I’m just writing this genre from now on so if they are on the list for romance they might want to leave. Three hundred and eighteen did. Over sixty clicked on the Spacetress link to see what it was about.

I’m not going to sweat it as I plot out Spacetress We’re All Eighty-Sixed. I finished up my ghostwrite last night and got a request for the next book in that series. I’m writing with a buddy under a pen and things are fun. I might not be rolling in dough but I’m enjoying my daughter and exercising my creative muscle.

Also I ran 1.06 miles yesterday so there’s that.

Thanks for reading. Today’s word count goal is 2000.

Starting Over as an Author

When I say starting over as an author there are a few things I mean. One, I’m focusing on what I like to write. That’s Science Fiction and Horror. I have a weird mind, a unique voice, and an unconventional process so it’s time to be true to that.

This means no longer writing Romance. Don’t get me wrong I love the romance and paranormal romance books I’ve written. If I love a story then I’m all in. It’s just not what I want to write. Starting over means focusing on writing only Science Fiction and Horror. This also means not pushing myself to get things out for the sake of staying relevant.

Spacetress is coming out on the 22nd. It’s a parody of sorts. There’s a lot of silly that went into the book, but that’s how I am and it’s what I write. I want to write 2 and 3 maybe a spin off and then I have a sci-fi dystopian in my head I’ll start after.

I also have an Anthology of Horror I tool around with when strange and scary things pop into my head. This blog is following my reinvention process and it’s more for me than anything. If you follow the journey great if not writing it will help keep me sane.

I am writing with other authors in different genres under pen names so I will still be getting a healthy dose of the paranormal and suspense side of things, I think it’s important to nail down what Emily Walker writes, what she likes to write. Yes, I’m talking about myself in the 3rd person. It’s not for money, it’s for fun and that’s what I have to get back to.

I have the ghostwriting to make money so I’ll stick to taking small jobs there.

I jokingly told my friends I changed my banner on social media so I’m clearly a completely different author now.

What I did for this new start –

Changed my banner

Changed my bio

Emailed my list to ask if they wanted to stay if I was purely writing horror and sci-fi

Made a plan to plot out Spacetress two

Started a Spacetress short (originally for the novel, but now I’ll probably just post it on the website)

Added a blog to this website which I have completely changed and now it’s just a simple website with a simple message.

So, my backlist of Paranormal Romance and Romance will stay up, but I won’t be hardcore promoting them anymore. I’m focusing on the future of this new me!