The Kingdom: A Horror Novella

The Kingdom: A Horror Novella

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Uh oh! One of those time I read a book, loved it, and COMPLETELY forgot to post a review.

This was a quick, dark read that kept me the edge of my seat every step of the way! I wouldn’t have minded a full novel version, but this was a fast way to entertain me for a day of errands with my husband. (I like car rides, but I still need entertainment lol)
I appreciated the quick wrap up and unpredictable twists and will definitely be looking for more by Emily Walker!

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Format: Kindle Edition

Those with animal phobias be warned! The Kingdom gives a whole new definition to the animal world. What is your animal phobia? Snakes, birds, squirrels? Emily Walker covers them all in her latest worked called The Kingdom. For me, it’s squirrels; something about those cute furry creatures gathering nuts above in the trees, then falling on your head gnawing your ear off. Yeah, I went there and read all about it. After reading The Kingdom, I view animals in a whole new light and think I will steer clear of meat for a while.

I think out of all of Emily’s works that I have read, this one takes the cake. It is a story based on possibilities; realities that can happen. If you are up for feeding your animal phobia, The Kingdom is perfect.

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